Telephone Advice

Need HR or employment law advice for your voluntary or community organisation in London?

PEACe provides expert telephone advice on all employment related issues for London's voluntary and community sector.

Pay-as-you-go Advice Line

  • Simple and cost effective advice for occasional HR issues
  • Just £35 + VAT @ 20% per call (up to 30 minutes)
  • 5 calls (up to 30 minutes each) for £150 + VAT @ 20%
  • Additional time charged at £1.15 + VAT @ 20% a minute
  • 10% discount to LVSC, NCVO and Children England members and Target HR participants - please state your membership when you start your call.

Call 020 7832 5888 Monday to Thursday, 10am to 4pm.

PEACe Plus Subscriptions

PEACe HR and employment law service operates a three year rolling subscription programme, with the option of withdrawal for either side after one year.

This service provides the opportunity to cultivate long term relationships, which would deliver higher quality and more tailored advice. Through the 17 years of working with PEACe, we understand that this relationship is of great importance to our clients.

  • Access to our dedicated subscriptions only telephone hotline (Monday to Thursday, 10am to 4pm) plus unlimited downloads from the PEACe documentation on-line
  • 15 hours advice subscription £900 + VAT @ 20%
  • 35 hours advice subscription £1,995 + VAT @ 20%
  • 10% discount to LVSC,  NCVO and Children England members and Target HR participants - please state your membership at the start of the subscription process.

Call 020 7832 5880 for more information or subscribe now

First Thursdays Small Groups Advice Line - FREE

  • Free advice available to SME voluntary sector groups based in London on the first Thursday of every month

Call 020 7832 5886

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Looking for legal advice and representation for employment tribunal claims and settlements?

PEACe can put you in touch with legal advisors.  Contact us for more details.

Are you Looking for legal advice and representation?

Please note that we do not provide advice to individuals, employees, consultants, private or public sector employers. Our focus is on the voluntary sector in London.

Individual employees who need employment law advice can contact :

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