Big Squeeze 2009-2011

LVSC carried out its Big Squeeze survey and produced a report every year following the beginning of the economic recession in 2009. It, therefore, provides a picture of the impact on London's voluntary and community sector and the people who use their services over time.

Previous year's Big Squeeze reports are available to download below:


Big Squeeze 2011 Executive Summary


Big Squeeze 2011 Full Report



Big Squeeze 2010 Executive Summary


Big Squeeze 2010 Full Report



Big Squeeze 2009 Executive Summary


Big Squeeze 2009 Full Report


At the launch of London Voluntary Service Council's Big Squeeze report in July 2009 London's Mayor Boris Johnson highlighted the valuable work charities undertake in a recession .

"Now, more than ever, is when community and voluntary groups come into their own by helping Londoners through the downturn. Whether guiding them towards work opportunities, or offering financial advice, they have a crucial role to play and I will continue to work closely with the sector to help with their valuable work, wherever I can."