LVSC Cases Studies

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The 999 Club - Planning for Change

When Peter Wood took charge as Chief Executive, the 999 Club was still working with the same organisational model it had started with over twenty years previously. During that time, in the wake of numerous changes to both funding and policy climates, serious financial issues had developed. There were also worrying uncertainties about what people actually expected of such an organisation. Modernisation had become a major priority....

Listen to Peter Wood talking about planning for change.


Challenging Religious Prejudice

Within the interfaith organisation Faith Matters, the Tell MAMA project measures and monitors specifically anti - Muslim hate incidents and crimes.  One of Jeff Arnold's responsibilities is to develop partnerships across all sectors - particularly with those voluntary organisations providing support to victims and witnesses of crime. Jeff explains the support and impact LVSC's forum The London Victims and Witness Alliance provided.

Listen to Jeff Arnold talking about challenging religious prejudice.



Developing HR Expertise

How LVSC's PEACe HR advice service provided support to Kate Brown, CEO of Learn English at Home  - a small charity working to support local families to learn English.

Listen to Kate Brown talking about developing HR Expertise


Sharpening Network focus

The Central West London Training and Employment Network brings together Voluntary sector providers working in training and skills across 12 London boroughs. Its chair Clarissa Stoneham outlines how LVSC's VCS Assist project helped the network providing advice, timely information on funding/commissioning, and a platform for networking and collaboration on events.

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Stonewall Housing

Stonewall Housing CEO Bob Green describes the support LVSC provided to help his organisation raise awareness of LGBGT community needs in health and housing in London.

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