Hear what our members have to say about LVSC services ...


Members of LVSC talk about the impact, our organisation's training, networking and focus has had on the way they deliver their services.



Dr Kate Brown, CEO of Learn English At Home, LEAH talks about how she used  PEACe HR advice service

"I definitely feel more confident. Part of that - as a small charity which can't afford the bigger or insurance-based schemes - is knowing that if I do get stuck or unsure of something, there's somewhere I can easily go to... somewhere that not only offers objective, reliable advice but does so cost effectively"





Clarissa Stoneham discusses the impact LVSC has had on the development of the Central West London Training Employment Network

"LVSC is a standing item on our network agenda, which is a reflection of the real structural, added value that they offer to that network. They're independent, they're impartial, they are pan-London, and actually they're experts in what they do which is voluntary sector support"






Peter Wood , CEO of the 999 club in Lewisham, talk about the impact London For All's 3 day course in Social Impact training had for his organisation.

"We've not implemented all the ideas that LVSC gave us.... I think if we had, then we would have ridden off into the sunset. But we have made a significant start and it's all of that which is right at the core of what we're trying to work on now."






Jeff Arnold discusses how Tell MAMA made best use of the London Victims' Alliance forum to contact grass roots organisations.

"LVSC structuring one of the Victims and Witness Alliance meetings specifically around race and faith hate crime was a turning point. For us at Tell MAMA, race and faith hate crime both overlap to a huge degree when it comes to Muslim victims, so this really was a good opportunity for us."






Bob Green CEO of Stonewall Housing talks about the impact of LVSC's London Voluntary Sector Forum.

"As a member of the LVSC forum, we have been incredibly fortunate to attend a number of different events from LVSC's projects. They have been life changing for our organisation and for the LBGT community we work with"




And how working with our Health Project managed by Sandra van der Feen has helped him raise the health issues of the LGBGT community and in particular the needs of those who are homeless.