Top tips for webinars

Posted on 27 June 2014

This last month at London for All, we have broadened the ways in which we provide support, advice and information to our large community of VCS organisations by using webinars. Now, I have a bit of a love hate relationship with technology - love the way it can amplify our messages, hate the anxiety that goes with having to tackle something very technical. So now three webinars down….. here are my thoughts to encourage you to give the technology a try.


This requires a great deal of attention because training by webinar is still a fairly new idea to many people. So you have to stress both what the training is and how easy it is to attend. Since most webinars are no longer than an hour -many people travelling to an event would still be en route in the time it takes to attend the online meeting


Webinars offer you a greater range of people to ask to present the topic - being a confident public speaker, in front of a live audience is not a requirement.

Make use of polls

These are short, easy things to set up and useful points of interaction

Technical side

Is so much easier than you ever would imagine


If your project only requires light touch monitoring, then the exit survey provided is perfectly fine. But if, like London for All ,you have to provide more qualitative monitoring your only way to do that is to set up and mail out a link to your external evaluation survey immediately after the webinar finishes


It is easy to join; you can ask questions, interact with the presenter and other participants, vote in polls and learn whilst at your desk. You need to find a quite space to fully focus AND be aware they can see if you drift off and start answering emails!

We used Go to Webinar software - taking advantage of the free one month trail. We were also very lucky to have LASA's Miles Maier to advise us.