A space to think: tomorrow's London

Posted on 26 January 2016

Wednesday 20th January, 9.30am - 4.00pm
St Luke's Community Centre

Background to the conference

This conference explored some of the political, economic, social and technological challenges and opportunities facing the VCSE sector in London. We looked at the long term impact of the 2015 Autumn Comprehensive Spending Review, what devolution will look like in London and how we can work with funders and the private sector to ensure the continued delivery of essential services for Londoners. During this interactive event participants had an opportunity to think about how the national and London policy and funding picture will impact on their work, cohort and organisation and in the afternoon open space sessions we explored how organisations can thrive rather than just survive.

Panel panel discussion Eithne

Breakout Sessions

The agenda for the day included focussed breakout sessions on three fundamental areas of interest:

  • Devolution and a changing London: what does it mean for the VCSE sector?
  • Wooing and working with the private sector: strategies and insider information
  • Continuing to meet the need: working with Local Authorities following the CSR

The sessions provided participants with a strategic overview of the subject and will give them an opportunity to consider the implications for their organisations and the communities they work with.


Event report

Speakers bios


Future policies and trends: Nick Davies, NCVO

Lisa Greensill, LVSC

London Borough of Redbridge and Redbridge CVS presentation

Spending Review: New Local Government Network

Wooing and working with the private sector: Dominic Pinkney, Works4U

Beyond Me presentation

Open space topic 1 Open space topic 2 Open space topic 3 Open space topic 4

Open space topic 5 Open space topic 6 Open space topic 7 Open space topic 8

Individual reflection and planning

Delegates 'Space to Think'

Delegates 'Space to Think', document 2


Andy Gregg, Chief Executive, Race on the Agenda