'Walking the Talk' workshop series briefing

Posted on 22 February 2016

Delivering a Co-productive Approach to Participatory Learning and Evaluation

The HEAR Human Rights and Equalities Network and Hament Patel (Workshop Series Facilitator and OCP Ltd) have produced a briefing paper to disseminate some of the learning from a two-part series of workshops delivered in October and November 2015 by the HEAR Network. These sessions were part of HEAR's contribution to the London for All project funded by London Councils to support London's voluntary and community sector.

For these sessions HEAR, in collaboration with the facilitator Hament Patel and evaluator Delia Muir, set out to use an approach to delivering training and shared learning that we had not previously tried. It is an extension of HEAR's ideas of imparting knowledge not only through the content of the training or other event, but through its actual delivery mechanisms.

HEAR briefing paper on co-production and service user involvement