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Ongoing project work


Mapping social prescribing in London

As part of our Regional Voices' strategic partnership work, LVSC is mapping social  prescribing activities in London. In the next few months, LVSC aims to update the map every quarter.

The map includes links to social prescribing activities in London. Each link takes you to a uniquely created page with information about and contact details of each social prescriber.

We are also working with Healthy London Partnership (HLP) to take this work forward across London.

The map has now been updated and can be found below. It will be widely shared with the VCSE (voluntary, community and social enterprise) sector in London. We will also share it at a strategic level with commissioners, NHS England (including HLP), London Health Board, local authorities, Social Prescribing Network, academic institutions, that have reviewed social prescribing activities.

If you are a social prescriber, you are cordially invited to complete our survey which will inform the map. The more information you can provide us with the more valuable the map and review are likely to be. If you are unsure or want to find out more, contact (Monday-Wednesday till May 20th. After May 20th I will be working Tuesdays and alternate Tuesdays and Wednesdays).

Link to the survey

This is an open survey as we will be updating the map regularly

London Social Prescribing map October 2016 update



March 2016

London vanguards updated

The document below describes the different vanguard models in London with links to some of their work areas, partnerships and policies and what LVSC is doing to work with the London vanguards. This document will be updated regularly.

The document has been updated to include the 6 NHS England principles which could support the VCSE, patient bodies and vanguards co-produce more effectively. It also contains information and links from the BMA about integration and regional configuration giving an overview of what's happening in each region with a list and links to all national programmes.

London vanguards update March 2016


February 2016

Integrated Care Pioneers in London - LVSC & London for All briefing

The briefing paper provides an overview of the integrated care pioneers in London.  It includes links to a range of case studies and support available to enable shared learning, good practice and co-production across the sites and between the sectors.

Integrated Care Pioneers London



Integrated Personal Commissioning (IPC)


November 2015

Co-producing in integrated care - a case study

This case study looks at the benefits, barriers, challenges and potential solutions around co-production in integrated care in North West London. Effective co-production as well as CCGs commissioning of VCS led preventative services could ultimately lead to better outcomes for patients and service users and save scarce NHS resources.  The case study was carried out in partnership between LVSC, Kensington & Chelsea Social Council (KCSC) and Healthwatch Central West London (CWL).

Co-production in integrated care case study


July 2015

Whole Systems Change: co-producing new models of health and care. Moving forward together - a think /learning piece following our recent Whole Systems Change event

LVSC recently held a Whole Systems Change: co-producing new models of health and care event. (see more information below)  Following the conference report LVSC's Health Policy Officer, Sandra van der Feen produced an article /think piece describing the lack of funding as one key issue emerging from the event for the voluntary, community & social enterprise sector (VCSE). The article makes the case for a sustainable and transparent funding/commissioning strategy for the new models of care to work well and the need for the statutory sector including commissioners to invest to save. It also suggests a number of ways how this issue can be addressed and describes some of the actions LVSC will take.

The article is aimed at our Regional Voices' partners as well the wider voluntary, community and social enterprise sector, locally, regionally and nationally. It will also be shared with our statutory sector colleagues, including NHS England, the vanguards, Commissioning Support Units, Academic Health Science Networks and other organisations and partnership bodies.

If you have any comments please contact Lisa Redding.


More information about the Whole Systems Change event

The event took place on 16th April 2015.

Event report

Presentations /briefings and links:

Four workshops focused on VCS experiences and good practice with regard to co-production:

  1. Co-productive Learning for Better Communication
  2. VCS, patient groups and communities in co-production
  3. Transformation  Board and the 13 programmes in London
  4. Navigating the new NHS health & care system


Help us shape our health priorities: roundtable event report - February 9th 2015

LVSC /Community Voices for Health recently held a roundtable event to identify possible areas for co-production between the CV4H, the public, the voluntary & community sector (VCS), academic and private sectors on health and care issues in London. The event also explored the role of the CV4H network in the new health and care landscape.

Download the report.


Health Inequalities in London: Developing joint solutions to achieve better health outcomes for all - 29th October 2014

The aims of seminar were to:

  • Explore the wider context of health inequalities in London.
  • Explore mechanisms and levers to enable the VCS, policy makers and commissioners to more effectively work together to reduce health inequalities, achieve better health outcomes and ultimately effect change
  • Feed into the Mayor of London's Health Inequalities Strategy Delivery Plan, which will be refreshed this year.

Health Inequalities pic 1


Health Inequalities event report



Dr Jessica Allen, UCL Institute of Health Equity:

Health inequalities

Health Inequalities pic 2

Victoria Borwick, Deputy Mayor for London

Deputy Mayor of London presentation


David Buck, Kings Fund:

Health & care structures in London

Health Inequalities pic 4

Voluntary & community sector case studies:

Friends, Families & Travellers

Using drama to address discrimination and stereotyping

Groundswell UK:

Homeless Peer Advocacy project

Lyla Adwan-Kamara,  Merton Centre for Independent Living

Addressing the diverse issues of disabled people in Merton (to be added)

Health Inequalities pic 3

Workshop presentations and workshop notes

Charlotte Fellows, London Knowledge & Intelligence Team, Public Health England:

Sources of data on health inequalities

Data workhop notes

Jabeer Butt, Race Equalities Foundation:

Ethnicity & health inequalities

Dr Annette Ashley, Women's Health & Equality Consortium (WHEC):

Inequalities: the intersection of race & gender

Race, women and intersection workshop notes

Jessica Crowe, Centre for Public Scrutiny:

Scrutiny & the VCS

Georgina Bream, Healthwatch England


Laura Austin Croft and Maddy Gupta-Wright

Health Inequalities Strategy refresh

Health Inequalities full workshop notes Health Inequalities HIS Implementation Plan refresh outline

Health Inequalities pic 6

Tristan Brice, London Social Care Partnership

Integrated Care and the Better Care Fund





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