12 Recommendations for Action

The Way Ahead makes 12 recommendations for action.

The Systems Change Group has gathered these recommendations under five key themes.

Each theme has been explored by a Task and Finish Group, running from the 30th November event to the end of March 2017. These groups were led by organisations with experience and knowledge of the field.

Task and Finish Groups

Their task was to review existing knowledge and learning, seeking out data, research, best practice, effective models and expertise.

They have proposed practical plans for moving to a new system, identifying barriers to new ways of working and opportunities to overcome them.

Pragmatic Co-production - Jake Ferguson from Hackney CVS

Download Pragmatic Co-production Report

Triage and Connect - Karen Chillman from Volunteer Centre Croydon

Download Triage and Connect Report

Data Sharing - Kate White from Superhighways and Lea Gorgulu Webb from Networked Planet

Download Data Sharing Report

Voice and Campaigning - Alison Navarro from Sutton CVS

Download Voice and Campaigning Report

Consistent Commissioning and Funding - Phillip Tulba from Locality

Download Consistent Commissioning and Funding Report