Who is Who guide for London

A guide to key people working in health, well-being and care

Who's Who guide for London


Each of the regional networks that comprise Regional Voices including LVSC, have produced a "Who's Who" guide to key people working in health, wellbeing and care in each region. The guides include relevant people from clinical commissioning groups, health and wellbeing boards, CQC, NHS England area teams, commissioning  support units and local Healthwatch.


The most regularly updated version of the guide is available below. But please help us keep this guide up to date by notifying us of any changes, gaps or corrections.


The latest (December 2015) update now also includes information about the most recent vanguards in London.


NB: The guides come with a disclaimer that this is an ever evolving area - and they will be updated every six months and as we become aware of changes. There are also gaps in some broughs which we hope to complete when we can.


Who is Who for London Dec 2015


The next update is due at the end of December 2016.