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LVSC is a constituent member or Regional Voices, one of the strategic partners of the Department of Health, Public Health England and NHS England.

Our two health & care programmes for 2015-16:

Stronger Connections for Better Health

This programme is about building mechanisms for an effective flow of information, intelligence and evidence between voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations and the Department of Health,, Public Health England and the NHS England.

As part of this work we will:

  • Maintain a thematic London network of VCSE organisations (and others) interested in health and care
  • Communicate through bulletins and briefings with the health and care network and the wiser VCSE to disseminate information about and health and care
  • Develop and maintain relationsips with the VCSE and key partners including public health, local government, NHS and the Department of health
  • Produce two updates of our regional "Who's Who guides in health and care
  • Support the VCSE to respond to national/regional consultations
  • produce and share a briefing on the implication and opportunities for the VCSE on the London Transformation programme (linked to the national Five Year Forward View


Five Year Forward View, Engaging Patients and Communities Programme Board

NHS England-funded project

Chapter 2 of the Five year Forward View sets out a commitment to engaging patients and communities. to support this work, Jeremy Taylor from National Voices has been asked to Chair a Programme Board as part of the Five Year Forward View (5YFV). The aim of the project is to support the Board, develop stronger relationships with the VCSE, including

  • improve local commissioning with the VCSE - especially support for smaller and local VCSE organisations
  • Support the local VCSE to be better involved in the commissioning of primary care
  • Service re-desing and new models of delivery - e.g. identify ways in which the sector could be better involved ind designing new models of care.
  • Contribute to the development of a 'Standard Contract Light' for smaller VCSE organisations as set out in the FYFV

To this end LVSC will:

  • Liaise with NHS England, London's Commissioning Support units and the new vanguards to identify relevant joint working, training, case studies and events
  • Work with the VCSE to identify need, develop and share good practice - e.g. around integration, social prescribing etc
  • Take forward and share the learning from LVSC's Whole System's Change - Co producing in models of health and care event
  • Disseminate a national survery on the use of Standard Contract Light and help support the NHSE, and the CSUs to overcome barriers in VCSE commissioning



Previous Regional Voices' programme

Up and till March 2015, LVSC was funded to support VCS reps on the Health & Wellbeing Boards. This project called Supporting Influence no longer has any funding but we will keep some of the resources on this page for the forseeable future.

Influencing Support project

Regional Voices (including LVSC as the London region member) was awarded funding from the Department of Health's Innovation, Excellence and Strategic Development fund (IESD) to support effective voluntary and community sector (VCS) and Healthwatch engagement with Health and Wellbeing Boards (HWB), both where there is a VCS representative on the board and where there isn't.


The programme, which ran for two years aimed to:

  • Support effective VCS & Healthwatch engagement on and with Health and Wellbeing Boards;
  • Create a learning exchange network to share good practice that supports individuals, board structures and government; and
  • Develop effective and robust routes for dissemination and collation of information to support HWBs through support meetings (two per year), online updates and, where appropriate, resource development

As part of this project, LVSC held an engagement & support event for VCS and Healthwatch representatives on the HWBBs or their sub-groups on the 19th September 2013


Event presentations and report

Project overview

London Health Board presentation


Engagement and support report Sept 2013


A previous Supporting Influence event took part on March 19th 2014 at Arlington Centre. The full report is available below.

Supporting Influence event report March 2014

Presentations from the event can be downloaded below:

Guided tour /links to resources and tools for reps

Healthwatch, Health & Wellbeing Boards and the VCS


LVSC VCS intelligence presentation

LVSC - VCS intelligence to influence

Data /intellige presentation by Graeme Walsh, Principal Public Health Intelligence Analyst, London Knowledge & Intelligence Team Public Health England

Public health intelligence - VCS

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