Health & Social Care

Health and social care is one of LVSC's policy priority areas and we aim to improve health and well-being and reduce health inequalities in the capital.

Our key areas

  • Working with the Department of Health, Public Health England and the NHS England as strategic partners, through our constituent membership of the Regional Voices Network.
  • Through our Regional Voices network constituent membership, support the delivery of  the Five year Forward View, Engaging Patients and Communities Programme Board and as well as the Regional Voices' strategic partners programme (Stronger Connections for Better Health)
  • identifying and taking forward  key policy areas for the LVSC hosted Community Voices for Health Network (pending future funding)


Links to our health pages:

  1. LVSC's Regional Voices' strategic programmes page
  2. Community Voices for Health
  3. Regional & national policy, consultations, briefings and events
  4. Who's Who Guide for London


Page modified Jan 2016