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Progress update on LVSC Manifesto 2016 for London's VCSE; our Hustings events, project updates; training and 3 jobs vacancies.

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Welcome to LVSC News - May 2016

Dear Colleague,

April was such a busy month for the VCS and for LVSC. In the run up to the Mayoral Elections, we held two Hustings with Mayoral Candidates and their London Assembly colleagues in a bid to get sign up to our manifesto asks and to raise the profile of the sector with candidates.

I was pleased to hear several Assembly members' understanding of the issues we face in the sector, pledging their support to the sector and agreeing to make closer alliances in the coming year. But can it be believed? Matt Scott, our Policy and Project Manager for Sector Support, will be following this up post May 5th.

The launch of the London Funders commissioned report 'The Way Ahead  - Civil Society at the Heart of London' took place early April. There are some very exciting recommendations where all sectors can pledge their support - have a look at Lisa Greensill's review for greater detail. LVSC and GLV will be beginning the dialogue with London's VCSE sector this month.

Many of you may already be aware, but I'm sad to report that two of our Policy and Project Managers are leaving LVSC in May. Please join me in wishing Nehal and Sara the very best in their new endeavours.

Warm regards


Eithne Rynne

​​The Way Ahead - Civil Society at the Heart of London

Lisa Greensill, LVSC Head of Policy and Sector Support reviews key recommendations from the report.

It has been long anticipated, but the London Funders report into the future of support for civil society in London was published last month.  The report, 'The Way Ahead - Civil Society at the Heart of London', funded by City Bridge Trust and produced in partnership with ourselves and Greater London Volunteering, is the first to look at civil society support - or infrastructure - since the heady days of ChangeUp and the London Infrastructure Development Plan. It contains a number of key recommendations.

At the heart of the report is the idea of pragmatic co-production - putting London's communities and their needs at the heart of all services provided by the voluntary and community sector, with all partners - be they from the public, private or VCSE sectors, and beyond - working together to develop the support the providers of these services need, from an older people's organisation providing befriending volunteers to an organisation campaigning and lobbying on the rights of newly arrived refugees.  This support can be delivered at a hyper-local, borough, sub-regional or regional level, dependant on what makes the best fit.

Key proposals include a 'triage and connect' function to diagnose the issues faced by frontline volunteers groups and organisations to match them with the most appropriate support; the sharing of data across sectors to co-produce a shared understanding of need and information on policy developments and best practice;  support for campaigning; and a call to regional and local public sector bodies and independent funders to ensure the sector is built into strategic planning and decision making, and that commissioning and funding of support is consistent.  It is also recommended that a London Hub be established to work with specialist support to drive up quality across the sector and produce standard resources, which can be customized for local delivery.

The full report, executive summary, literature review and briefing on pragmatic co-production can be found on The London Funders website.

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The Big Ask 2016 LVSC - 6 asks Peace Services
Does your  Staff Handbook need updating?

LVSC News and Updates

VCS Assist - Employment and Skills News

Update on the ESF Programme in London

The DWP 'Troubled Families' and SFA 'In Work Progression' and 'Sector Based Support'  programmes are due to launch very shortly. You can find details about these programmes on the London Enterprise Panel website in the list of planned opt-in provision. In addition, LVSC is running a Networking for ESF event on 10 May to support VCSE organisations form partnerships with prime providers; you can find out more and register here

Family Friendly London:  what do the mayoral candidates have to say?

LVSC is part of the Family Friendly London coalition, which challenges the Mayor and local authorities to make the capital a more family friendly city. The coalition has put together short clips of the candidates explaining how they intend to make the capital more family friendly. Check out the videos and join in the debate #FamilyFriendlyLondon

How does Jobcentre Plus (JCP) approach volunteers?

LVSC is gathering evidence on JCP approaches to volunteers in receipt of benefits in London. At present, some volunteers are asked to fill in a form "Volunteering when claiming benefits or National Insurance credits" .We are interested in finding out more about: how widespread the use of this form is across London; how "reasonable" volunteering has been interpreted by JCP in the past; the extent to which volunteers have been put off volunteering by JCP.

If you work with volunteers or people in receipt of benefits who have been affected by this issue, we would be grateful if you could get in touch with Deirdre [] or Nehal []

Health News

London Vanguard Guide

LVSC has updated the London Vanguard Guide, which now includes a great interactive resource by the BMA searchable by regions. It gives an overview of what's happening in each region along with a list and links to all the national programmes including: new care models 'vanguard' sites; the success regime; devolution of health and social care, integrated pioneers and others. For more information contact Sandra van der Feen: (Mon-Wed).

New Models of Care: working together for a healthy London

On the 23rd March LVSC (though its membership of Regional Voices) and London for All held and all day conference to consider some of the challenges and opportunities for VCSE and Statutory bodies to work together to design and deliver services to improve the health of Londoners.

A report will be published in the near future, but in the meantime you can find the presentations on the London for All website.

Social Prescribing in London

LVSC recently published a social prescribing map for London. This is currently being updated and will include 7 additional prescribers. The map will be updated regularly thereafter.

We are also working with two Healthy London Partnership  teams (Proactive Care and Personalisation & Engagement) to take forward this piece of work with a view to rolling out social prescribing across London. For more information contact Sandra van der Feen: (Mon-Wed)

Safer Future Communities

The main focus at Safer Future Communities (SFC) in the last few weeks has been coordinating a series of workshops for the network on 'Getting Ready for the new Mayor'.

Whoever wins on 5th May, will appoint a new Deputy Mayor for Police and Crime to run MOPAC and this may mean significant changes. There are still four workshops left in the series, if you wish to join us.

SFC will continue to act as a conduit of information throughout 2016, as the new DMPC is appointed and a new Police and Crime Plan for London is developed. If you don't receive our newsletters and want to join the SFC network, please email

Meetings and events roundup from last month

There were a huge variety of meetings our team attend in the last month including; the London Reducing Reoffending Board; the Health in Justice and Other Vulnerable Adults Strategic Clinical Network; and the Women's Offender Taskforce.

We held our second Gangs and Serious Youth Violence Network meeting and May sees another Victim's Services Alliance meeting - for more information on joining either network, please email

Being part of such a wide network, offers LVSC many opportunities to visit our members. This month included visiting and learning from the brilliant practice of:

Reframing Justice event

For those who didn't make the excellent Reframing Justice event at King's College, have a look at the award winning American charity the Frameworks Institute demonstrating how to change (reframe) your conversation on social issues. It has an introduction to the work and the task of closing the gaps between public perception and expert opinion on CJS in the UK.

Can Charities Win Back Public Trust?

Also of interest are the slides from the New Philanthropy Capital event, Can Charities Win Back Public Trust?

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Ensure the VCSE is recognised and included in GLA policy and delivery Co-produce a London VCSE Strategy Collaborate on the implementation of equalities practice
Commission a thorough review of the social impact of the VCSE's activity
Oversee and promote strategic GLA engagement with the entire sector on future delivery of services.
Co-produce a London VCSE strategy
Work with us to develop and prioritise sector engagement. Produce a viable VCSE strategy within the first year of office/ by May 2017. Host an annual London VCSE Awards ceremony.
Collaborate on the implementation of equalities practice.
Appoint task and finish groups to work with VCSE organisations. Mandate these groups to design and implement effective equalities practice. Help ensure the productive collation of results from equalities impact assessments. Oversee and rigorously monitor the translation of those results into delivery plans.

London For All

London for All is a London Councils' funded project designed to build the capacity of London's voluntary and community sector. As a partnership project, led by LVSC, it offers: insight and learning from a collective 200 years' experience: and the practical applications of that knowledge.  London for All can strengthen your organisation's knowledge and skills; work more effectively and efficiently; and deliver more accessible services to support service users better.

Working Together against Hate Crime

Date: 7 June 2016 10am-4pm (arrivals from 9.30am)
Venue: Human Rights Action Centre, Amnesty International, New Inn Yard, London EC2A 3EA

Our London for All partner, HEAR, London's pan equality network, is holding an event to help voluntary and community organisations in London work together more effectively to improve responses to Hate Crime. The morning will be an opportunity to hear about successful projects and case studies, speak to police, safeguarding and other public services that are responsible for responses to hate crime and network with colleagues in the sector. The afternoon, for voluntary sector colleagues only, will be a 'safe space' for us to workshop ways to work together to improve responses to Hate Crime.

New Models of Care: Working Together for a Healthier London (DRAFT INTERIM REPORT)

The research in this report has been undertaken by the London for All programme manager as a contribution to the 'New Models of Care' event held at London Metropolitan University on 23 March 2016.  The objectives of the research as twofold:

  • To explore the experience of voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector health practitioners with regard to their support needs at a local, regional and national level.
  • To consider current and future measures to ensure the long term effectiveness of support at the local, regional and national level and the opportunities for collective action by the VCSE sector, to achieve this.

The motivation for the research springs from the core aim of London for All, to strengthen voluntary and community sector capacity.  In particular the research recognises the challenges of austerity and seeks to develop collective strategies to enhance VCSE action. You can still contribute to this research here

New Models of Care Event

The last few years have seen dramatic changes to the way health and social care services are structured and funded. The health needs of the population are changing and growing more complex, but there are increasing scientific and technological opportunities to support patients and their carers.

The NHS's  Five Year Forward View has a key focus on prevention and patient centred interventions, but what are the opportunities for the VCSE, policy makers and commissioners in terms of co-producing and commissioning new models of care interventions?

On the 23rd March LVSC and London for All held an all-day conference to consider some of the challenges and opportunities for VCSE and Statutory bodies to work together to design and deliver services to improve the health of Londoners.

You can find more information and presentations from the event here

LVSC Hustings

On 13 April LVSC hosted the first of two hustings on the London Mayoral campaign.  The (free) venue was at London Metropolitan University, and a timely example of the value of partnership working.  The parties were represented by Baroness Liz Barker (Liberal Democrat Party), Caroline Russell (Green Party), Sam Malik (Conservative Party) and Fiona Twycross (Labour Party), with Francis Sealey from Globalnet 21 as chair.

Over the ensuing two hours, the audience, consisting of a wide range of voluntary and community sector practitioners, posed a range of questions, citing powerful testimony from a range of voluntary sector settings, including food banks and homeless shelter provision.  One of the key demands which emerged from the floor, was for a more dedicated approach from the Greater London Authority (GLA) and Mayor's office to work with the sector, with both a sense of disappointment expressed, with past arrangements, and real hope, based on unanimous agreement from the speakers, that the sector was a vital part of a future Mayor's programme.

It was widely recognised that the voluntary and community sector was the key to dealing effectively with a range of social issues.  The role of digital technology and demonstrating impact was highlighted, as were wider issues around housing, racism and providing greater opportunities for young people.  Each speaker pledged their commitment to working with the sector in summing up and a report of the hustings will be made available on the LVSC website this week.

LVSC Manifesto for the Mayor of London

LVSC is pressing London's mayoral candidates to give clear commitments to their manifesto asks including a commitment to go beyond a narrow range of consultation to ensure GLA engagement covers the whole sector and that a new mayor reinvigorates equalities and commissioning practice by ensuring effective collaboration. We have heard back from Caroline Pidgeon (Lib Dems), Sadiq Khan (Labour), Sian Berry (Greens), and Zac Goldsmith (Conservative). We have published a simple score sheet, indicating where the candidates are in relation to VCS policy.

LVSC's  six 'asks' for the new Mayor, to enable a thriving sector are:

  • Ensure all VCSE groups are recognised and included in GLA policy and strategy
  • Co-produce a London VCSE strategy
  • Collaborate on equalities practice
  • Innovate GLA commissioning
  • Facilitate private sector donations to VCSE groups
  • Embed the benefits of digital technology

Read LVSC Manifesto 2016

London for All - more opportunities

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Innovate GLA commissioning and procurement Facilitate Private Sector donations to VCSE Groups Embed the benefits of digital technology
Innovate GLA Commissioning and Procurement
Work with us to modernise GLA commissioning. Ensure a balance between contract models and developmental work with VCSE consortia.

Facilitate private sector donations to VCSE
Open a dialogue between LVSC and leading private sector partners. Widen and facilitate opportunities for engagement. Increase access to philanthropists, guilds and related associations.
Embed the benefits of digital technology
Broaden and extend the GLA's digital inclusion strategy. Help ensure VCSE organisations are better connected. Use new digital tools and apps to support the engagement and mapping of VCSE networks.

LVSC - Other News

LVSC colleagues moving on

Sara Hyde, (Policy & Project Manager - Crime & Justice System) is leaving LVSC and the Safer Future Communities team in mid May. She is taking up a role with Working Chance, an organisation supporting women with criminal convictions into sustainable, quality jobs. She is hoping to build on the good relationships made in her time at LVSC in her new role.

Nehal Bradley-Depani (Policy & Project Manager - Employment & Skills) is also moving to a new job working in Parliament for one of the Select Committees.  Nehal has worked for LVSC since March of last year nbsp;and has made a huge contribution to weaving her way thought the hugely complex commissioning processes of ESF and the DWP to provide clear, concise information on the opportunities for the voluntary sector.  She has also been our Equalities Champion.

Both Sara and Nehal will be greatly missed by all at LVSC for their professionalism and passion and we wish them all the very best in their new jobs.

HR Support at LVSC

As announced last month after the closure of our HR advice support through the PEACe service, we want to remind you of two things.

First we are delighted that Shirley Briggs, who managed the service for over 12 years, is continuing to deliver her highly commended HR training sessions as part of London for All  programme. (See "Managing Misconduct' and 'Managing Difficult Conversations at Work' under the LVSC events section.)

Second - LVSC continues to support smaller organisations keep up with the frequent changes in employment law that impact on HR polices and procedures through our regularly updated staff handbook and managers' toolkit. Customised for your organisation, the process of creating a bespoke handbook provides a useful audit of the policies and procedures you already have in place and what needs adding, updating or revising. Shirley and our team of HR consultants will guide you through every step of the way. For more information please contact LVSC Director, Eithne Rynne, via

Volunteer Support at LVSC

Over the last couple of months, we have been very lucky to recruit 5 volunteers from LSE to support the team in a range of tasks from policy research, data crunching to social media posting. Currently they are all taking time off from their volunteering to concentrate on their finals. I just wanted to say a huge thanks to Yasmin A, Sangeetha I, Hannah P, Alystar S and Slavomir Sfor the time and energy and professionalism they have brought to their work and wish them the very best of luck for the next few weeks. We are looking forward to welcoming them back in June.

LVSC Events & Training

Working with those with No Recourse to Public Funds

Date: 5 May, 10am - 12pm
Venue: 200a Pentonville Road Kings Cross London, N1 9JP  
Cost: Free*

The training will be delivered by the NRPF Network which is a network of local authorities and partner organisations focusing on the statutory response to migrants with care needs who have no recourse to public funds (NRPF). The training is appropriate for practitioners who are working with families and individuals who face restrictions to welfare benefits on account of their immigration status in the UK and are at risk of becoming homeless.

Networking for ESF - a VCS Assist event

Date: 10 May, 9.30 am - 12.30pm
Venue: St Luke's Centre 90 Central Street London, EC1V 8AJ

Aimed at those organisations interested in bidding for DWP SFA ESF programmes this half day event will provide an opportunity for networking and discussion.

We will consider the key elements and principles behind successful supply chains, the impact of the Merlin Standard and the key challenges and benefits that organisations need to consider when becoming a supply chain partner.

Central to the morning's activities will be the opportunity to hear from prime contractors on what they can offer and what they are looking for in a delivery partner. It will give participants the time to network and to begin the process of identifying potential partners.

Managing Misconduct

Date: 11 May, 10am -1pm
Venue: 200a Pentonville Road, Kings Cross, London, N1 9JP
Cost: Free*

For Voluntary & Community Sector Trustees, directors, managers, team leaders, supervisors or anyone who feels uncomfortable dealing with and managing difficult conversations or putting across tough messages.

Research: Methodologies and using it to inform practice

Date: 12 May, 10am - 12pm
Venue: 200a Pentonville Road Kings Cross London, N1 9JP

What kind of research should your organisation be doing? How this research can inform your work from funding bids through to your practice and service delivery.

NatCen, MOPAC and People's Palace Projects lead this workshop on methodology and applying research into practice and vice versa for those working in social justice contexts.

Funders and Commissioners Q & A

Date: 19 May 2016,10am - 12pm
Venue: 356 Holloway Road, London, N7 6PA

An expert panel of funders and commissioners take your questions on their work in London Invitees include a range of statutory partners MOPAC NHSE and grant making bodies.  Confirmed panellists from: MOPAC, Big Lottery, NHS England (Offender Health London) and MTC Novo.

Each panellist will present for 10 minutes on their organisation's funding preferences and top tips for engagement. This will be followed by an hour long Q&A for participants to bring their specific questions.

Managing Difficult Conversations at Work

Date: 22 June 2016, 10am - 1pm
Venue: 200a Pentonville Road, Kings Cross, London, N1 9JP
Cost: Free*

This practical, participative workshop will allow you to discuss those issues in a confidential and safe environment, where you will have opportunity to try out different approaches and techniques with your colleagues to get the best outcome.

*A note on our charging policy for courses and training

LVSC reserves the right to charge a fee of £50 per person in the event of a no show for training funded by the London For All programme. These courses are marked out with an asterisk*.

​LVSC Happy Training

UKIED logo Keegan and Pennykid logo DSC Charity Fair Advertisement
LVSC holds a UK Investor in Equality and Diversity Charter Mark (UKIED
For information and advice about Charity Insurance contact Keegan & Pennykid
DSC Charityfair takes place in London on 24 - 25 May. There are 44 training workshops to pick from, from just £35.

Notices & Events

Wise Age Ropes - Free Training invitation

Dates: 18 May, 25 May and 1June, 10 - 3pm (three consecutive Wednesdays)
Venue: Ripple Centre, Barking and Dagenham

ROPES (Resourcing Older People's Employment Support) - provides a funded training programme on best practice in Age and Employment. Funded by Trust for London, the free 3-day training programme is for organisations wishing to become skilled experts in the provision of employment advice, support and training for the 50+. The programme consists of three modules, which take place one day per week over three weeks.

DSC CharityFair

Date: 24- 25 May
Venue: London
Cost: courses from £35

There are 44 training workshops to pick from around fundraising, management & leadership, personal development, marketing & communications. Plus there is a free lunchtime session (on each day) held by Big Society Capital - an introduction to social investment.  View the full programme here

Council Tax Widget  - NEW

This is an easy to install widget that allows visitors to your site to enter their postcode to find local and national council tax resources, and a useful list of independent advice agencies in the area.

Ethnic Inequalities in London: Capital For All - research from the Runnymede Trust

The new research from the Runnymede Trust research summarises ethnic inequalities as experienced across London as a whole, and within each of the capital's boroughs. It measures inequality across four domains - education, employment, health and housing - and compares outcomes over  time, namely between the 2001 and 2011 national censuses. 11 key findings are outlined at the beginning of the report as well as 6 recommendations, including some for the London Mayoral candidates.

NCVO Civil Society Almanac 2016

Comprehensive and presented in an easy to read and digest style, the Almanac provides valuable insights on our changing sector.  Highlights include:

  • The fact that the biggest charities' incomes grew in 2013/14, while that of smaller and medium-sized charities' decreased in real terms. This continues a long-term trend.
  • The most common charitable activity of voluntary organisations by both number of charities and spending was social service provision, followed by culture and recreation.
  • There is a sharp rise in youth volunteering. The proportion of 16-25 year olds saying they volunteer once a month is up by more than half since 2010.

Offer of rent & rates free office space for charities in Wandsworth SW15

Avire is  offering the following:

  • Small office suites ranging from 500 - 2,000 sq ft
  • Large office suites ranging from 3,000 - 12,000 sq ft
  • Minimum availability of 2 years

If any charity is looking for space to use, please call to discuss your requirements further
For further information and to arrange viewing please email or or telephone 01295 256 338.

Job Vacancies

Rocket Science looking to recruit 2 posts

Senior Consultant  - £28,000 to £35,000 pa

We are looking to recruit a Senior Consultant to join our London team, based in Farringdon.  We are managing a diverse range of consultancy and support projects in London and across the UK and need a senior consultant to support our project leads manage these effectively and efficiently.  Whilst the role is focused on project management, we are looking for someone who can bring existing research and consultancy skills to complement the diversity of work we are involved in.

Intern £18,570 pa pro-rata (equivalent to London Living Wage)

We are also looking to appoint an intern, initially on a three-month basis with a possible extension to six months to join our London team.  Rocket Science has a long standing and highly regarded internship programme and we provide careful support and a structured experience of practical work to help interns develop their skills and experience.

The deadline for applications for both jobs is Friday 6th May at noon and we will be holding interviews w/c 9th May.

Local Development Lead (Barnet, London) AfC Band 5 £21,909 - £28,642 + London weighting

We are looking for an enthusiastic team member to lead on the local delivery of our new model of  'Community-Centred Practice' in Barnet, supporting staff in general practice and citizens to work together to co-evolve in order to respond to the new challenges facing the NHS.

Health is no longer about the absence of disease; today the challenge we face is to create a system within which people are able to adapt, self-manage and change.  Using a whole system approach, we bring people together in new conversations to do things differently.  This is a fixed term temporary full time post in the first instance, funded for 12 months from the date of commencement with potential extension.

Closing Date: Friday 13 May 2016
Interview Date: Monday 23 May 2016 (tbc)

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