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LVSC News - April 2017

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Dear Colleague,

Spring is traditionally a time of change, and we have seen significant changes here at LVSC over the last month. Funding for LVSC has become very difficult in recent years, with many of the previous sources of support disappearing, and a general disinclination to fund infrastructure from a number of Trusts and Foundations. We have tried to find alternative ways of supporting our work but without any real success and the loss of funding from London Councils has been a material blow to us. We have had to reduce our team and have now said goodbye to Debbi, Deirdre, Michelle and Sandra. We wish them every success in the future.

However, we need to keep looking forward and it's been a busy month for reports linked to the Way Ahead - the theme groups have been producing their draft recommendations (and huge thanks to LVSC members and colleagues across the volunteering community who have contributed to this process), the equalities group has been meeting to ensure the impact of proposals is considered, the CVS Directors network has produced a series of commitments they're making to implementing the Way Ahead recommendations, and even the House of Lords report on charities included references to the Way Ahead - so work has really started progressing with turning the recommendations into reality, and you'll see more information in the next newsletter about an event in June that will produce an action plan to take things forward.

At LVSC we've been busy working with GLV and others to explore what the proposed London Hub for civil society should look like, and are excited to be sharing the report produced by Steve Wyler, an experienced sector leader who has taken a fresh look at what's needed, including feedback from LVSC members and other stakeholders. We're keen to get your input as we go on this journey towards a new way of working at a regional level, to provide the support that civil society - and Londoners - need, and will be holding a number of forums over the coming months.

Meanwhile the House of Lords select committee on charities has now published its report, entitled Stronger Charities for a Stronger Society. The report is wide ranging: there are 100 conclusions including 42 recommendations covering governance, finance and funding (including grant funding and core costs), public service delivery and contracting, digital, volunteering, campaigning and advocacy, and regulation, with the latter including comments on the Charity Commission charging charities for regulation. It is actually a good all round look at our sector and the issues surrounding it. NCVO have brought together an edited list of the recommendations for easy digestion. And it even mentions The Way Ahead!

Another report, from the Lloyds Bank Foundation ' Facing Forward, How small charities can adapt to survive' points out that small charities face a "hurricane of change" in the economic, political and technological environment they operate in, and government and funders must change the way they operate to help. It calls for government, funders and larger charities to take action to help small charities in challenging times, but also says that small charities need to adapt by looking for alternative funding streams and working in different ways. Following as it does on their report on commissioning, which showed that this model does not work for small charities, it is difficult to see which alternative sources of funding these might be…

Have a good April.


Lisa Redding, Chief Executive

Update from The Way Ahead Working Groups

The reports from the working groups are to be finalised around 7th April - and we will be sending out a full report in the next bulletin. In the meantime LVSC, London Funders and Greater London Volunteering are setting up a standalone website TheWayAhead.London as a central source of reference.


Safer Future Communities​​ Photo from the Way Ahead event 30th November Support for Employment and Skills VCOs
The quickest way to join LVSC's Safer Future Communities network is to sign up.
Visit TheWayAhead.London for progress, latest updates and background information
VCS Assist Project - support for VCSE groups in employment and skills.

LVSC Project Updates

VCS Assist - Employment and Skills News

European Social Fund - resources, funding and awards

London Councils ESF Borough Employment Programme

London Councils announces the launch of the ESF Borough Employment Programme and is inviting organisations to apply for funding in the London Borough of Hounslow. The deadline has been extended from the 22nd March to the 7th April 2017.

Supply-Chain opportunities

Blue Sky is an award-winning social enterprise working with ex-offenders. It employs over 200 ex-offenders a year providing real work opportunities. They are seeking supply chain or consortia opportunities in London for the Work and Health Programme.

Expression of Interest - Stage 2 Work & Health Programme (London)
PeoplePlus are looking to partner with local organisations with the expertise in delivering a personalised programme of support for people with health condition or disabilities, the long-term unemployed and marginalised groups who are disadvantaged in the labour market to help them into sustainable employment. PeoplePlus is looking for partners who share their commitment to delivering high performing services that transform people's lives and provide a positive impact to their local communities in London.

Policy, News and Overviews

Modern Industrial Stragey for the UK

The Government has published a green paper setting out its vision for a modern industrial strategy.

  • Government is investing an additional £90m in careers advice over this parliament, and will devise a comprehensive careers advice strategy later this year.

  • The Skills Plan will implement a 'transition year' for 16 year-olds with serious basic skills gaps who are not in work or training to develop a career plan.

  • Government will expand on lifelong learning by trialling 'contact moments' as a way to promote retraining of older workers.

The government will work with local areas to trial new ways of closing the skills gap. The consultation is open until 17th April, give your views here

Social Prescribing - a pathway to work?

This report from the Work Foundation is an analysis of the current and potential role of social prescription in supporting work opportunities for those, who are either unable or do not have the confidence or motivation to work.

Study, Work, Progress, Repeat?

The Resolution Foundation has published a fifth report for the Intergenerational Commission . How and why pay and progression outcomes have differed across cohorts', which was launched in the summer of 2016 to explore questions of intergenerational fairness that are currently rising up the agenda and make recommendations for repairing the intergenerational social contract.

Benefit Sanctions

The Public Accounts Committee published its report into the use of benefit sanctions by the DWP. It argues that the Department uses sanctions carefully and protects vulnerable people from unnecessary hardship. There is an unacceptable amount of unexplained variation in the Department's use of sanctions, so claimants are being treated differently depending on where they live.

Local Needs, Local Voices: building devolution from the ground up

NCVO's publications reveals that very few charities have been involved so far and calls for a halt devolution deals until it can be shown how the voluntary sector has been consulted in developing devolution plans.

NCVO is calling for greater transparency in how devolution deals are agreed and said that the government should publish minimum criteria for engaging with the charity sector.

Team London Funding - Forces for Good

The Greater London Authority has announced the release of the second of its Team London funding opportunities which form part of the GLA ESF 2014-2020 Co-Financing Programme.

The Forces for Good project will give Veterans and Early Service Leavers access to a wide variety of volunteering opportunities, support with transitioning into civilian life, mentoring to identify a career path and map skills across civilian job roles and support with gaining the skills to move into, and sustain employment, education and/or training.

The project has a grant value of £0.3m, and will deliver between June 2017 and December 2019, with final results reported and claims completed by March 2020. The submission deadline for project applications is 5pm, 28 April 2017.

Diversity Champions Network launched

A new Apprenticeship Diversity Champions Network was launched by Skills Minister Robert Halfon. It will work towards achieving the government's commitment to increase the proportion of apprenticeship starts by people from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds by 20 per cent by 2020.

Health News

LVSC's London Social Prescribing Map - updated

Funding to support our current health policy work ends on 31/3/17. LVSC received this funding via the Department of Health Strategic Partner programme and we are therefore unable to continue to provide these services in the future. Our latest social prescribing map can be found on the LVSC website.

Social Prescribing - mapping learning briefing

We have produced a briefing outlining the rationale and benefits of our social prescribing work. It also includes a section on funding levels & sources, staffing and sustainability. You can download a copy from our website

Safer Future Communities

The Mayor's new Police and Crime Plan: 'A Safer City for all Londoners' published.

A key feature of the plan is the Neighbourhood Policing initiative which promises to set local priorities based on local need. It also focuses on key priorities such as protecting children and young people, tackling Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG), and providing a better Criminal Justice Service in London.

In the coming weeks and months, I will be keeping you updated on the way forward in how the Safer Future Communities network (SFC), and the wider Voluntary and Community Sector as a whole, can provide input and be involved in the implementation of the Plan. In the meantime, you can also read the joint LVSC/Clinks response to the draft Police and Crime Plan (sent just before the publication of the new plan). It reflects mainly on feedback and ideas for action from the SFC meetings over the last few months which some of you may have attended.

Joint Civil Society Report to the UN's Universal Periodic Review of the United Kingdom

This report has been produced by the British Institute of Human Rights (BIHR) as part of the Human Rights Check UK project. It follows eight consultation events and a call for evidence across Great Britain, engaging over 175 Civil Society Organisations (CSOs). LVSC is one of the 75 national organisations jointly signed up to the findings of the report.

Sector Support

Community Development: A Call for Action

Over 60 people attended a 'call for action' event on 17th March 2017 organised by the Community Development Network London (CDNL, with support from LVSC). The first half of the day saw talks from the GLA (Greater London Authority), IVAR (Institute for Voluntary Action Research), Sutton CVS and the Just Space Network and case studies on local work across London. The afternoon 'open space' session drew up a number of actions for a future task and finish group to take forward including protecting community buildings, networking networks, using tech and mapping, influencing local, regional and central government, building a federated democratic structure for Community Development in London.

If you want to be involved in future work contact Matt Scott tel 020 7832 5806 or email or twitter @Matt_LVSC
All the presentations and videos are now online.

Networked City (NWC)

NWC is an initiative to blend community action with digital tech. It has been developed under the London for All programme that held events at the GLA, Newspeak House and Resource for London this year. The aim was to be both an exploration and something that was democratically owned and shared.

There is now an opportunity for NWC to seed a number of spin-off projects covering mapping, stacks, electronic notice boards and peer to peer learning alongside a core function of supporting the bringing of new networks into being. Discussions with a number of interested partners are under way to move from being an informal network to a constituted organisation with a central coordinating group to hold and develop the vision and purpose. If you want to be involved in future work contact Matt Scott tel 020 7832 5806 or email or twitter @Matt_LVSC

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LVSC Events & Training

LVSC Employment and Skills Network Meeting - 30th May

There will be an LVSC Employment and Skills Network meeting on Tuesday 30th May (part of VCS Assist programme), that will provide an opportunity to hear about "Love London Working", an ESF funded pan-London training and employment initiative being delivered by 15 Housing Associations, led by Clarion Housing Group. The housing sector are keen to work with VCSE employment and skills providers in the capital to engage 21,000 unemployed and economically inactive residents and help 6,300 people into work. Further details on the event will be sent out in due course.

LVSC Management and Personal Development Courses

Happy People - the personal development division of Happy, delivers LVSC's management and personal development courses.
Costs: starts from £95 for charities with 15 staff or under. For larger charities, please visit the website for the correct rate.
Venue: 3rd Floor, 9 Alie Street, London, E1 8DE

  • Enjoy Parenthood, Enjoy Work - 24th April
    Ever wonder as a parent if you're doing it right? This one day programme will enable you to feel more confident in your parenting skills and help you take a positive approach to relationships both at home and in the workplace.

  • Managing Poor performance - 28th April
    This comprehensive one day programme will provide a depth of personal insight and enhance your ability to effectively and positively manage your team's performance in order to develop the skills and strengths of each individual.

  • Managing for the first time - 4th May
    This two-day course is an introduction to the main aspects of management. It will look at different management styles and how to manage yourself, your organisation and your staff. It covers recruitment, motivating your team and dealing with difficult issues.

  • Effective Presentation Skills - 8th May
    This two-day presentation skills workshop considers the importance of preparation before giving a presentation, speech or talk - being sure you know what you want to say and organising your material. You will discuss and examine the use of audio-visual aids (such as PowerPoint slides), effective self-presentation and will have an opportunity to deliver a short presentation to your group.

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LVSC holds a UK Investor in Equality and Diversity Charter Mark (UKIED)
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Book onto LVSC's Management & Personal Development Courses

Notices and Events

Housing First and Homelessness Coordinator

This is a new post which will work as part of a small housing team at Standing Together. The primary aim will be to develop a model for Housing First for women experiencing violence against women and girls (VAWG). There will also be additional responsibilities in-line with supporting the homelessness response to VAWG. The role is funded to work across the tri-borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster. Closing Date 18th April.

Localism and VCSE Learning and Skills

Third Sector National Alliance is holding a workshop on Localism and VCSE learning and Skills, to support VCSE providers of learning and skills to engage with the new adult funding arrangements emerging through local enterprise partnerships and other localised funding arrangements. It's taking place at Voluntary Action Islington, on Friday 16th June.

For information, including to book, please email

London Voices: a journalism and media competition for London

London Learning Consortium has partnered with the Media Society to run a journalism and media competition in 2017 to support aspiring journalists (whether you want to be a professional, or contribute to citizen papers, online debate or something else).

The aim is to support and promote emerging journalism and media talent across London, and generate some fresh, new and inspirational perspectives of our city. We want to help encourage new voices for London which reflect personal experiences of living and working in one of the biggest and most vibrant cities in the world.

Charity Talk - how to make fundraising effective, legitimate and ethical

Date: 3 May 2017 at 6 for 6.30pm
Venue: Cass Business School, 106 Bunhill Row, London, EC1Y 8TZ
Cost: £30

After the many criticisms of charity fundraising, how have charities responded to the increased formal and informal regulatory environment? How have they maintained and hopefully increased income?

Lynda Thomas, a fundraiser before being appointed Chief Executive at Macmillan's and someone with influential evidence and opinions to the critical debate, will address this from Macmillan's very successful perspective. Professor Stephen Lee, Professor of Voluntary Sector Management, Centre for Charity Effectiveness, Cass Business School, City University London, will respond giving more broadly based advice from his extensive practical and academic knowledge.

Although Macmillan is a large charity many of the lessons apply across all sizes of organisation. There will be a plenary discussion for sharing views and experiences followed by a networking reception for networking. For more information or to request an invoice booking, contact or call 020 7040 0901.

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