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Posted on 26 January 2016

Wednesday 20th January, 9.30am - 4.00pm
St Luke's Community Centre

Background to the conference

This conference explored some of the political, economic, social and technological...]]>, 03 Aug 2017 16:32:05 GMT

Posted on 1 April 2016

23rd March 2016, 10am - 4pm, London Met


London met pic

The last few years...]]>'walking-the-talk'-workshop-series-briefing.aspxThu, 03 Aug 2017 16:26:00 GMT'walking-the-talk'-workshop-series-briefing.aspx

Posted on 22 February 2016

Delivering a Co-productive Approach to Participatory Learning and Evaluation

The HEAR Human Rights and Equalities Network and Hament Patel (Workshop Series Facilitator and OCP Ltd) have produced...]]>, 03 Aug 2017 14:43:25 GMT

Posted on 2 December 2015

London Voluntary Service Council, HEAR Network, Race on the Agenda, LASA and Women's Resource Centre held their 3rd Annual Conference and the HEAR Networks Accessibility Awards on the...]]>, 03 Aug 2017 14:05:53 GMT

Posted on 24 March 2016

The research in this report has been undertaken by the London for All programme manager as a contribution to the 'New Models of Care' event held at...]]>, 03 Aug 2017 13:59:19 GMT

Posted on 25 February 2016

LVSC (through is constituent membership of  Regional Voices) and London for All programme have produced a briefing paper looking at the London Integrated Care Pioneers. The...]]>, 03 Aug 2017 13:53:40 GMT

Posted on 14 January 2016

The VCSE sector adds extraordinary value to Londoners, but this public good which enriches so many lives is only achieving a fraction of its potential.

A flourishing...]]>'s-resource-centre.aspxThu, 03 Aug 2017 13:43:18 GMT's-resource-centre.aspx

Posted on 28 April 2015

Women's organisations; the 'net beneath the net': the role of the women's voluntary and community organisations and benefit of specialist women's services.

Women's Organisations 'net beneath the...]]>'s-resource-centre.aspxThu, 03 Aug 2017 13:34:16 GMT's-resource-centre.aspx

Posted on 28 April 2015

Impact of the Equality Act on Women's Equality: reviewing the use and impact of equality mechanisms on women's equality in London.

This report reviews the current...]]>, 03 Aug 2017 11:29:48 GMT

Posted on 7 April 2015

Following a strong focus on inequalities in health emerging from the HEAR 'Intersections' project last year, and HEAR involvement in the October 2014 health equalities event, the...]]>