Community Voices for Health

Community Voices for Health (CV4H) is a network of London voluntary and community sector organisations which work to promote community development and co-production approaches to improving health and well being.

LVSC is presently hostingand managing  the Community Voices for Health network. it was originally developed by the Greater London Authority to support its work on the London Health Inequalities Strategy.


The network is currently not funded. LVSC is actively seeking resources to maintain the network and take forward activities in the future. However, two events have take place recently. The roundtable event took place in partnership with University College London Partners (UCLP).


Recent CV4H events

Help us shape our health priorities: roundtable event report - Frebruary 9th 2015
LVSC /Community Voices for Health recently held a roundtable event to identify possible areas for co-production between the CV4H, the public, the voluntary & community sector (VCS), academic and private sectors on health and care issues in London. The event also explored the role of the CV4H network in the new health and care landscape.

Download the report.

Whole Systems Change: Co-producing new models of health and care - April 2015

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The event report to follow soon.


The Network's Terms of Reference can be downloaded below:

Community Voices for Health Terms of Reference


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