Our Board currently has 6 members.

Honorary Officers

Paul Butler, Chair (first elected at the AGM in November 2005)

Mihir Patel, Treasurer (first co-opted at the AGM in November 2013)

Representatives of LVSC member organisations


Representatives of Networks hosted by LVSC

Bob Green (London's Voluntary Sector Forum)


Jennifer Croxford

Andy Gregg

Alex Whinnom

The Board has four routine meetings a year and a strategic planning awayday before the start of each financial year.

The Board has committed to the NCVO Code of Good Governance.  Members' skills are audited annually and a Board appraisal process has recently been introduced.

For more information about the Board or how to apply to become a Trustee of LVSC, please contact the Company Secretary on 020 7832 5815 or by email.