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Press coverage

Selected press coverage over the last few months


131011 Civil Society (Finance)
'Sector bodies join in criticism of Work Programme'

131011 Guardian Voluntary Sector Network poll
'Are problems with the Work Programme a sign of things to come?'

121011 Third Sector
'LVSC to launch database of health service charities'

121011 Civil Society (Finance)
'NHS funds database of health service charities'

111011 Charity Times 
'Sector fears over Work programme failure'

111011 The Guardian (Society)
'There's little charity in the Work Programme'

110911 The Guardian
'Work Programme leaves charities fearful for their future'

020911 Guardian Local Government Network
'Why the government's Work Programme must go local'

160811 Guardian Voluntary Sector Network
'Riots clean up kick starts community action'


020811 Channel 4 news 'Dog eat dog world of charity funding'


020811 TouchStone blog 'More than 2,200 charities facing cuts'


020811 GovToday 'Charity HR and employment advice service rolls out nationwide'


210711 Regeneration and Renewal


200711 Society Guardian


200711 Evening Standard


200711 Third Sector


200711 Civil Society


200711 Charity Times


190711 Charity Insight


060611 Guardian VS network


030611 Guardian VS network


110511 Third Sector online


190411 Ethical Property Foundation


180411 Civil Society


180411 Charity Times


160311 CivilSociety Finance


140311 CharityTimes


140211 Third Sector



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