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Case studies

Our case studies demonstrate the work and impact of LVSC and London's voluntary and community sector on the lives of Londoners.

Current case studies


Debt case study


Employment and skills case study


Climate change case study


HR advice service case study


More case studies to come soon.

Share your story

LVSC works closely with newspapers, magazines, websites, TV and radio programmes to provide vital information about the work of London's voluntary and community sector (VCS). To truly demonstrate the impact of London's VCS, case studies are important to our work and message.

By talking to the media about your experience and cause within the voluntary and community sector you can help to highlight the issues that are important to Londoners and their communities. You can also help to raise awareness of the work LVSC does for and on behalf of the sector.

Whatever your story - we'd love to hear from you.

If you think you could help us by talking about your experiences within the voluntary and community sector in London please contact the Communications & Marketing Officer or call 020 7832 5822.

Please be reassured that all the information you provide is completely confidential and will be handled in a sensitive manner. If your story is required by any media, we will contact you to gain your verbal consent before it is used. We will also never give your telephone number to a journalist without your verbal consent.